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What Kind Of Dog Should You Get?

Find out what dog is your perfect match!

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  1. How much time do you potentially have to spend with your future dog?

    Little to no time!
    I have some time!
    I could make more time!
    I would be willing to spend as much time as I would need to with my dog!
    Almost all day!
  2. How often do you exercise?

    It's pretty much my life!
    I go almost every day and would like to go more!
    Pretty often, it is fun to do in a group!
    When I have time I love to go!
    Exer... what?
  3. How do you feel about mess?

    I hate it and barely want to see it ever.
    Messy is ok with me but eventually it gets to a point where I get mad...
    It's kind of how I live.
    No drooling!!!!
  4. What size do you prefer?

    Huge to Big
    Big to Medium
    Medium to Small
    Doesn't really matter to me...
  5. What would you want the life span of your dog to be?

    13-15 years
    12-15 years
    10-14 years
    10-12 years
    12-15 years

What Kind Of Dog Should You Get?

You got: Siberian Husky!

This dog would be your perfect match! You are active which is good because a Husky requires lots of good exercise. You are also a lively person who is willing to try to new things, which could come in handy because a Husky is very energetic.

Siberian Husky!
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You got: Basset Hound!

You and this dog are perfect together! The basset hound breed is very lazy, which might be something you two have in common! However, this dog does love to socialize as well, which means setting up play dates for your dogs could make them very happy.

Basset Hound!
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You got: Poodle!

When you first think of a Poodle you might think of them winning dog shows or being stuck up, but that is just a bad rap Poodles get! Behind there good looks and many talents there is much more. You and a Poodle would get along famously because you have a lot of time on your hands. Which is good because the Poodle is not good when left alone for long periods of time. The poodle is also very social just like you! Plus it is very family affectionate and VERY good with kids!

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You got: Australian Shepard!

This dog and you would be one rad duo! The Australian Shepard has many fantastic qualities which you might have too! They are incredibly friendly to other dogs as well as other people. And show they're love for family a lot. This dog cannot be sitting for long because they love to be on the go and have a job to do. Plus, they do little to no drooling which can really come in handy!

Australian Shepard!
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You got: Labrador Retriever!

This is one of the best dog breeds out there (in my opinion)! You and this dog have more in common then you might think... one being, your need to please people! The Lab is one of the most loyal dogs to its owner. They are not only very smart but easy to train! You may not have as much time as you want to, to be able to spend with this dog, however if you are not around the Lab could worry or even start to panic!

Labrador Retriever!
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