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    • johnw71

      asa”nice guy” myselfIfind some of this very true and some of itabit off. First off I’d like to say that at one point most of the listIdid do.Ididn’t realize it at the time,Ijust thoughtIhad bad luck. Now about the whole “I did nice things why aren’t you on my dick”Iwas never like that. The only timeIgot anywhere like that is whenIwas being flirted back with only to find outIwas being used. Now as to the “you won’t date me friendship over” Right now there isagirlIhaveacrush on. We got intoahuge fight, and during the fightIadmitted thatIliked her.Iapologized two days afterwards, and we really didn’t talk for about three weeks. After that we both apologized and we are still best friends. Yes I’m still in love with her, butIknow she won’t be mine and soIam looking else where.Istill drive her places as she can’t drive right now andIshow up and stay be her when she is havingabad time and needs someone there. Next I’d like to point out the nice guys finish last. First of all,Iheard this more from people making fun of me for being the nice guy. Second I’ve flipped it. Nice guys finish last be we get to keep what we have. After the girls are finish with jerks that wants them only for sex most of the timeIhave found that end up with the nice guys, so it’s notatrophy, it’s an outlook. Yes nice guys needs to be aware of how they act. ButIcould easily makealist like this for jocks preps and bad boys. Realize please that most nice guys are the way we are because we want the person of our affections to be happy, we just aren’t always clued into how we are…..just like many other people who are in relationships which turned up ending.

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