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    • johnw62

      Some people just dont get it and are lost in their own egos. Maybe its the failure of all 3 proffesional parties to represent their electorates interests and refusal to debate or even ackowledge the issues that have left there activists feeling such impotent and self defeating measures are all they can do. Well its been a huge own goal and I promise anyone who took part in this foolish and misguided action, which is a direct assault on the principles of democracy, that the net result is going to be a significant increase in the UKIP vote as a result of public outrage and sympathy. You stupid prats (slow hand clap)

    • johnw62

      “Actually, If we are waving dicks here,Ihave an I.Q. of about 140, read books quite often, keep track of what it going on in the world, don’t drink, don’t abuse drugs, single, no kids, recently finished my degree in criminal justice, and have recieved invites from MENSA.” So, you have very little real experience of life and people beyond the confines of your own head. Noted, and opinion weighed appropriately. Cleverness is not wisdom: its just cleverness.

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