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Jennifer Lawrence: More Than Just Katniss Everdeen

C'mon, guys.

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In today's society in the modern world, women are still getting pigeon-holed in one category or another. People just can't seem to wake up and realize that women can do just as many things as men. A woman as amazing as Jennifer Lawrence is not just Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games; she is also the woman who played her.

In the industry called show-biz, film-makers use many techniques to make an actor seem like they really are the part they're playing. Costumes, makeup, acting, and writing are all used with tact and craft to make the audience really believe that what they're seeing on the classic silver screen actually happened in real life. These crackpot Joe Schmo's can't fool me. I know that Jennifer Lawrence is more than a person in the Hunger Games universe; she is in our universe, too.

Everyone seems to think that Jennifer Lawrence is a poor woman who lives in the future in District 12, but I know that simply isn't the case. Everyone who believes that has simply been tricked by Hollywood to believe that women can't be more than characters onscreen. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and put my reputation on the line and say that The Hunger Games never even happened. One trip to the library and I found that The Hunger Games is actually a series of books by Suzanne Collins.

Can you believe it? The idiots in Hollywood are trying to convince us that a series of what I assume to be great books really happened, in real life, and what do we do? We eat up their lies like hotcakes. One day, I predict we'll live in a world where actors will be treated like normal people. One day, Jennifer Lawrence will be able to walk out of her house without being asked, "What is it like to shoot arrows?" Until then, she will be seen as nothing more than Katniss Everdeen.

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