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This Chart Shows 20 Years Of The White House Talking About "Iraq"

Also: weapons of mass destruction, air strikes, "boots on the ground," genocide, and drones.

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On Thursday, President Obama authorized targeted strikes on militants in Iraq.

BuzzFeed analyzed the language used in 5,276 White House press briefings since 1993, the year Bill Clinton took office. Through these transcripts, it's possible to glimpse key shifts in American foreign policy, as spoken by public officials.


John Templon / BuzzFeed

"Iraq" first spikes in 1998, when the United Nations began withdrawing weapons inspectors from the country. The highest peak corresponds to the beginning of the Iraq War. The two smaller spikes in 2010 and 2011 reflect the first drawdown and the final announcement that all troops would be leaving Iraq.


"Air Strikes" / "Boots on the Ground"

John Templon / BuzzFeed

President Obama has authorized air strikes against ISIS militanst. The last time “air strikes” were mentioned frequently? Bosnia. In 1999, NATO conducted air strikes as part of the Kosovo War. On the other hand, “boots on the ground,” echoing a different tactic, has become increasingly popular over the past decade.


John Templon / BuzzFeed

President Obama has called ISIS’ acts against the members of the Yazidi sect “genocide.” Earlier mentions of the term spiked during the Kosovo War and the emergence of Darfur crisis as a major foreign policy issue in the mid-2000s.

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