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    • johnt86

      I don’t see any comments on the connection between Fight Club and OK Computer. Apparently Radiohead was approached with the prospect of producing the soundtrack for Fight Club and everyone was on board thinking this would be an epic collaboration. Ultimately the executives controlling contract rights could not get it done and it was an epic fail on their part. But Radiohead’s had already written a lot of the material and just changes some of the words around so that it would be obvious that the songs were meant for Fight Club but not so obvious that they could open themselves to litigation against them. If you have ever listened to OK Computer it is obvious, you can actually hear some of the soundtrack. The lyrics for Karma Police… Couldn’t be much more of a synopsis of the movie so much that I will just leave that up to you to interpret. Of course it is subject to interpretation but for example if you take the line “kill me Sara, kill me again”, and replace it with kill me Marla, and pull me out of the car crash, instead of “pull me out of the air crash”, not that an air rash wouldn’t be relevant. The artwork is supposedly based upon blueprints for Denver Airport. Ultimately Fight Club and OK Computer are two works that stand alone as masterpieces in my opinion. We will never know where they would have stood as a joint production but I can only imagine that they would be mind blowing to the point of actually causing some permanent brain dysfunction. Either that or total blissful transcendenlightenment.

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