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  • How A “regular Gal” Stole George Clooney’s Heart…

    You might have heard that one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor (he’s even been referred to as “the eternal bachelor”) popped the question and got engaged. Yup, sex symbol George Clooney…who had often declared himself “single for life”…finally fell head-over-heels in love and decided to settle down with the one woman who had unexpectedly conquered his heart. CLICK HERE FOR STORY!

  • Penguin Method - New Dating System for Women

    The Penguin Method I’ve fielded a few questions recently from some of you wondering if the Penguin Method will work for you and your situation. That’s really hard for me to say without personally knowing you, but I thought it might be useful to share some of the situations where the Penguin Method tends to really shine. Penguin Method

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