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Conservatives Launch National Bush Tax Cut Ad Campaign

In separate ads group hits House Democrats over Senate tax plan while backing GOP support for full extension.

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Conservatives Tuesday announced a new ad campaign using a Senate Democratic tax plan with virtually no chance of passage to slam Democrats while giving Republicans support for opposing the bill.

Run by former aides to Majority Leader Eric Cantor, YG Network’s $250,000 ad buy will use two separate ads – one targeting Democrats and urging them to oppose the bill and a second, aimed at Republicans praising their opposition.

YG Network senior advisor Brad Dayspring said in a release that “Congress should reject tax hikes which would make it even harder and destroy jobs for so many workers already struggling in this lagging economy.”

In a largely ceremonial vote last month Democrats passed a partial extension of the Bush-era tax cuts in an effort to short-circuit Republicans’ use of the tax issue as an election year bludgeon.

The Senate Democratic bill is opposed by House Republicans and will never make it to the president’s desk, although Cantor could decide to hold a vote on the bill next month to put Democrats on the spot in the House just before the election.

Still, the legislation provides a useful foil for conservatives who have sought to keep the issues of spending and taxes on the front burner during the congressional recess.

In “Keep the Light On,” which targets Democrats, the group hits Democrats for opposing a House GOP tax measure, arguing the targeted lawmakers “voted against legislation that would have stopped a tax hike on people who build their small businesses and create jobs we need” before calling on them to “reject” the Senate bill.

In “Keep Fighting,” meanwhile, YG Action argues that “liberals don’t understand how to create jobs and fix our economy” and then asks viewers to “tell [the lawmaker] to vote for jobs by rejecting” the Senate bill.

Democrats targeted by the ad buy include Reps. Lois Capps, Louise Slaughter, John Tierney, David Cicilline, Kathy Hochul, John Garamendi and Nick Rahall.

Targeted Republicans include Reps, Rep. Frank Guinta, Robert Hurt, Kristi Noem, Ann Marie Buerkle, Nan Hayworth, Jon Runyan and Diane Black.

Keep Fighting

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Keep The Lights On

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