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12 Times You Realize Your Baby Is Literally A Mini-Version Of You

Nothing quite explains the feeling when you look directly into the eyes of a mini-you. Through all the wonders of parenting, JOHNSON’S® is here for you and your mini-you.

1. When you look into their eyes and can feel why eyes are the window to the soul.

2. When they get hangry like you.

Food is the only thing that will turn that frown upside down.

3. When they immediately pick up your stellar selfie skills.

4. When you share a laugh about something only you two bond over.

5. When they like the same TV show as you.

6. When they do things to you that you used to do to your parents.

7. When the exact same things bring a smile to your face.

8. When you hold up your baby pics side by side to realize you looked exactly the same at their age!

... Like the exact same.

9. When they don't want nap time to ever end.

10. When you love literally all the same foods.

11. When you realize bath time is your favorite time for you and them.

12. When you just feel connected in a way that is unexplainable in words.

The first few years of your child’s life are filled with some of the most precious moments. For Every Little Wonder™, JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® bath products gently cleanse sensitive skin with extra moisturizer. So when the next bath time rolls around, increase giggles and decrease fussiness. 👶

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