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10 Thoughts Basically Any Parent Has Had While Reading Baby Labels

Because they don't teach you this stuff in lamaze class.

1. "Why do they put so much teeny tiny text on the back of the bottle?"

2. "Why can't I find anything that's chemical-free?!"

3. "Why are there so many ingredients I can’t pronounce that sound like they were created in a lab?"

4. "Why can't my baby use my lotion?"

5. "Why do baby products smell so good?!"

6. "Aren’t preservatives something to keep away from my family?"

7. "Searching for safe ingredients for my family is like going down a deep internet rabbit hole."

8. "Should I call my mom...or maybe my cousin who has a PhD? She'd definitely know."

9. "Who the heck approves all of these labels?"

10. "I didn’t pass chemistry. How am I supposed to understand any of this?"

All facts from Johnson’s®.

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You don’t need a degree in label-reading to understand what chemicals come into contact with your family! Trust Johnson’s® to help you brush up and feel confident in the baby-care products you choose!

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