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13 Freakouts Every Parent Has Before Their Bundle Arrives

So you're having a meltdown every day about your life changing, but once your baby comes, you'll be ready.

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1. When your parents and friends start taking you through all the preparations they had to do when they had babies.


2. When there are a million different purchasing decisions to make.

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What color do you paint the nursery? What type of stroller do you get? Do you want a bouncer? What about a baby carrier?

3. When people ask you if you're "ready for the baby to arrive."

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4. When your partner asks you if you want to discuss baby names again.

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It's all just tooooo much!

5. When you first realize that everything won't go according to your meticulous plan.

But it'll be perfect anyway.

6. When your partner needs you to be their rock, but you climb aboard the freakout train with them instead.

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"Lol, sorry!"

7. When you think about the fact that you'll be someone's MOM or DAD soon. Dang.

But you'll be a cool mom/dad, so don't worry.

8. When you realize you might not get to the hospital on time for your surrogate going into labor.

Plan those alternative routes, like that shortcut directly through those condos.

9. When you think of how your baby will be making their entrance into the world from a BODY very, very soon.

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Birth and the human body sure are magical.

10. When you've read so many baby books, but there's still SO many more you haven't read.

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But people had babies before parenting books existed, so it's all good.

11. When it hits you that you will be fully responsible for a tiny little human life...for, like, ever.

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12. When you determine that all your other trivial worries are nothing compared to your baby concerns.

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13. When you realize that everything you're going through right now is exactly what your own parents went through with you.

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It's the circle of life!

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