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Baby Bathtime Tips From New Parents

From the first day of life, there's a challenge around every corner — so safety always come first! Get some super helpful tips right here, and cherish all the #LittleWonders of bathtime with JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® products.

On bath toys:

"Replace your bath toys every so often! They get moldy and mildewy. We wash them in hot soapy water every two weeks."

—Jen K.

"Simple toys work great, like cups that pour into each other over and over and over and over..."

—Regis C.

"Color drops work great! Also these."

—Dee R.

"You can play hide-and-seek with the toys, 'bury' the toys in the bubbles and bring it back up to the surface."

—Almer A.

"Get those little pills that grow into animal shaped sponges!"

— Brian P.

On general tips for bathtime:

"For boys, put a washcloth over their thingy to prevent them peeing in their face (and yours). Don't look away for a second; they'll definitely slip or flip in that exact second. Take SFW pictures; some of their best moments are in the tub."

—Regis C.

"I don't have many tips other than just going for it. I have a friend that swears bathtime should feel like a spa experience for kids to help them get ready for bed. She dims the lights and plays soothing music rather than making it a play activity. Her kids know the drill so well and go to bed right after."

—Staci P.

"Sometimes you just have to get in there with them — if you can't fight 'em, join 'em."

—Dee R.

"When toddlers freak out about soap in their eyes while washing hair, give them a dry washcloth to hold over their eyes and have them look up to the ceiling. Sounds simple and obvious, but it works to calm my 2-year-old down."

—Maya R.

"Offer lots and lots of fun activities when in the bath. Silly faces, puppets, stories, and dancing all work great."

—Almer A.

On post-bath routines:

"If they don't enjoy bathtime, establish a ritual where they get rewarded after bathtime with a story or game or anything they like. This way they'll be excited because they know something they like is coming."

—Almer A.

"Baby massage with lotion after bathtime is good to stretch and keep their skin soft."

—Jen K.

"Some kids might hate baths because they feel really cold when they come out, so I'll suggest keeping the bathroom at a very comfortable and cozy temperature — you can get a small heater for this purpose."

—Almer A.

Ready to put these tips into action? JOHNSON'S® HEAD-TO-TOE® products safely and gently nurture delicate skin from the first days of life.

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