The 19 Steps Of Picking A Movie On Netflix

Why is life so hard?

1. Open Netflix, look at all those options!

This is going to be a piece of cake!

2. What genre should I choose?

The possibilities are endless!

3. But I’ve seen all of these movies…

4. This looks interesting! Wait…these are all T.V. shows.

Where yo movies at, N-Flix?

5. So you filter out the T.V. shows.

6. Now lets see…wait, why are these movies so old?

I want some new releases! Nothing pre-2005 please!

7. Maybe I’ll try a different genre.

How can you go wrong with deep sea horror?

8. Suddenly the doorbell rings — pizza is here!

I was supposed to have my movie picked before my food got here! WHY GOD, WHY!?

9. Make the decision to find a movie before eating the pizza.

If I don’t get this food in my mouth soon, I may die.

10. Seriously, who designed these covers?

There is no way I can watch this.

11. Wait, this looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to watch this movie!

12. Do you know what time it is?!

That’s right… It’s PIZZA TIME!

13. This movie sucks! I guess pizza time will have to wait a few more minutes…

14. What about that movie I heard someone at work talking about?



How can this be true?! I don’t understand…

16. I guess I’ll watch a T.V. show after all.

This looks familiar…

17. I have been meaning to watch Walking Dead…

18. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

19. I QUIT.

Stuff remaining pizza in mouth, dramatically slam computer shut (or throw remote), and finally do the work you were supposed to be doing today.

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