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The 7 Greatest Halloween Pop Music Videos Of All Time

The greatest of pop music's halloween themed music videos.

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1. Because what would halloween be if we never had Thriller?

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Nothing. It would cease to exist.

2. Or Rihanna nailing sexy AND scary.

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See girls, you don't have to be a cute animal (ie. bunny, mouse, squirrel) to be sexy on halloween.

3. And Jessie J swinging on a swing in this haunted mansion.

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I want a swing in my hallway now.

4. Or the Komposer's slasher film music video where everyone dies.

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At least the party looked fun.

5. This badass, Guinevere, stabbing a zombie with a pencil.

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And shoving one in a blender.

6. Nick Carter as a dancing Mummy? Yes, please.

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Or Brian Littrell doing a thousand flips just because he's a Backstreet Boy so he can do whatever he wants.

7. And this Tracy Jordan perfection.

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Literally pure perfection.

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