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    • johns235

      “Pope Francis” is one of President Obama’s “messengers” (commanders/leaders) promoting and advancing the “core obligations”….the obligation of the belief in freedom and equality of self-rights….to serve and magnify oneself (XES).
      AND this SAME “freedom/equality” dictates that it is also RIGHT (a right) to be free (without consequence) to worship ANY ‘god’.
      BUT there is Only One Creator God, whose identity is clearly defined by His Son Jesus Christ.
      And it is Only Christ that will rule the earth in power as the One Lord and King.

    • johns235

      Ref.: “Obama to pay visit to Pope”, Posted by CNN White House Producer Kevin Liptak …“But Francis’ approach to world economic issues is widely seen as more in line with Obama’s own approach…”. Jorge Bergoglio follows President Obama’s belief in the freedom of equal economic opportunity….for each to have the human right, the freedom to have the equal opportunity to financial gain. But this “opportunity” is controlled by those that also believe in the same freedom of their right… to be rich….which Obama and Bergoglio support and live by…..see the wealth (hidden) of the Roman church of general values. Freedom of financial gain supports self interest….the desire to serve and magnify oneself (XES).
      ….for each justifies doing what is right in their own eyes. Jesus Christ said that one must love his neighbor…that one must serve his neighbor….that one must be his “brother’s” keeper…. …as you can see this is the opposite of the desire for the “freedom” to serve oneself. Soon, Christ, Son of the One Creator God, will return to rule in power the earth according to and in obedience to the will of the Only Creator and NOT according to man’s first love for his “freedom”. John Stefanyszyn
      …a bondman of the One Lord and King Jesus Christ

    • johns235

      The justification, the acceptance, the legality, of gay marriage is founded on the belief of freedom of rights / equality of rights.
      The belief that it is right to be free to worship ‘any god’, known as freedom of religions, is also founded on the same belief of freedom / equality of self-rights.
      The RCC / ‘pope Francis’ / Jorge Bergoglio has confessed that freedom of religions / freedom of rights is just and good.
      …therefore the RCC worships and lives by the same way of life as those who believe that gay marriage is right….they both worship FREEDOM of self-rights.
      …they both believe that it is RIGHT to serve and magnify oneself (XES).

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