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    • johns129

      The above is only true about 30% of the time. The rest of the time,agirl is leadingaguy on. And all the girls above acting like they don’t know the deal…get over it ladies. Yeah, “nice guys” want sex. They are still men. They are attracted to you. Doesn’t mean that’s all they are after. Doesn’t mean they are not treating women better than the average asshole. This post abdicates all blame that women have here. They OFTEN date the asshole because they accept the love they believe they deserve. Then they go and bitch toaguy who clearly has feelings for her. Get yourself some fucking female friends because you know as well asIdo that no guy is listening to you bitch about your boyfriend unless he is at least on some level attracted to you.  To all the guys defending the above nonsense,Ilove how all your comments talk about whatagreat guy YOU are and all the things YOU do. And if she would only notice YOU and all YOU do. Maybe she wants the asshole because he is not complicated or needy or intense. Maybe she just got out ofarelationship and wantsafling. Are youafling kind of guy? Probably not. So if thats the case, take the fucking hint. Or don’t.  Just remember, when you finally do move on, that girl you were the nice guy with all those years will come back. But not until you are happy with someone else. Better to find someone else who has the same fucked up experiences as you, bitch together overafew drinks and see how your parts fit together. Now get to it nerds.

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