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8 Things You Didn't Know About 'Birth Of The Dragon' Composers H. Scott Salinas & Reza Safinia

Composers Reza Safinia & H. Scott Salinas' latest feature "Birth of the Dragon" directed by George Nolfi is still in theaters, so we decided to get to know the composing duo a little better and have them reveal 8 things people might not know about them.

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Scott grew up in the Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands and started playing in reggae bands when he was 12 years old. Reza's parents immigrated to the UK when he was 4 and he learned how to speak English by singing Barry White songs. The first album he ever bought was Prince's 1999 when he was 8 years old, and he became obsessed with the song DMSR.


Reza was introduced to Scott through a mutual friend and their first meeting was a musical blind date that went on for hours as they played each other their music. Even though they both score films, Scott is a killer jazz guitarist and Reza ain't so bad on funk guitars and bass... they often spontaneously break out into jazz-funk jams in the middle of writing orchestral pieces!


Some of the music in "Birth of the Dragon" started from an earlier collaboration between Scott and Reza for a martial arts film that never happened, but Reza ended up studying the martial art anyway because he enjoyed it so much.


Reza grew up wanting to be a cross between Quincy Jones and George Martin. He loves all genres of music and especially finds joy in blending Orchestra with rock, hip hop and electronica. Scott grew up playing jazz, but then studied orchestral composition in college. In "Birth of the Dragon", Scott and Reza employed all of those elements and added traditional Chinese instruments into the mix to varying degrees to follow the arcs of a Shaolin Monk adjusting to San Francisco and a young Bruce Lee finding his way to becoming the legendary Icon that he became.


Reza is an avid practitioner of yoga and feels it is also an essential element for tapping into his creativity. He also follows various eastern philosophies and believes that the rhythm in music exists in all life, because it is a repetition and mutation of patterns over time like a DNA helix. Scott is an avid golfer and uses it as a form of meditation and inspiration for solving his musical problems out on the course and in nature.


Reza used to be in an R&B band that toured with Destiny's Child back in the day. He also used to write pop songs for artists like Kylie Minogue. All the while he experimented with underground music and started a label with UK rapper Akala merging hip hop beats with grimy electronic bass. Scott went to Princeton University where he studied with Toni Morrison the Pulitzer Prize winning writer and Yo-yo Ma, critically acclaimed cellist.

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