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How To Start Exercising When You're Too Busy

Crazy busy, but still want to stay in shape? Us too. Here's how you can get buff while also getting stuff done.

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All of us probably want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is easier said than done when you are already juggling TONS of stuff. To add insult to injury, health experts like to remind us that we are not dedicating enough time to work out. We know!

It is not easy to find time for going to the gym in between the hectic work schedules we have to maintain and the family responsibilities that are part of everyday life. But, still, you can get in a workout session if you are bit creative.

We asked the experts at DinoDerm, a calf compression sleeve company for runners, how to keep fit while maintaining a hectic schedule. Here's their suggestions for how we can all fit in a bit of exercise when we are already busier than we'd like to be.

1) Try to wake up early and do 30-minutes of exercise. The energy that you will get in this early morning workout will be enough to keep you fit for the whole day!

2) Go for a walk! Walking is one of the best forms of exercising, you can make all the phone calls and texts you want while walking instead of wasting time throughout the day for that.

3) Plan tomorrow's schedule the night before. This step alone--being intentional--is a terrific way to find some time for exercising. Decide when you want to do the workout, in the morning or the evening, find out the maximum possible time and mark it on your calendar.

4) Watch videos. No time to go for the gym to learn how to exercise? Well, no need to worry. Just find 10 minutes to watch and follow along with a YouTube fitness workout. For instance, browse for yoga classes, and you will end up finding lots of free videos with yoga classes. You can now practice yoga yourself with the help of these videos.

5) Do not feel pressured to do long workouts. There are a lot of workout methods that need less time and are still effective. You can do push ups, squats or yoga. Whenever you get free time, just try to do some push ups. You can climb stairs in your office building instead of using the elevator. You know, climbing stairs is an efficient way to shed those extra pounds on your body.

6) Always be prepared for a workout. Keep your workout clothes and sneakers in the car or at your workplace. If you get a 1-hour break from the office, you can utilize that time for doing exercise. Install some workout apps on your mobile phone, and you can do some short exercises at your desk also.

7) Multitask. Worrying that you won't get time to do your favorite things because you're exercising? Well, you can do exercise while listening to your favorite music. If you are a book lover, you can listen to an audiobook during the workout. Want to chit chat with your friend? Get a headset while going for a walk.

8) Keep track. Make a habit of measuring your exercise activity each day and count how many hours you got to work out at the end of each week. You can monitor your progress and it will motivate you to continue exercises.

It is not that you are doing exercise for hours, it is how effectively you are doing an exercise. Well, if we try, we can get a minimum of half an hour of exercise in a day. Use that half an hour effectively for doing any of the workouts suitable for you. It will help your body and mind to stay energetic the entire day.

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