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Five Kickboxing Moves Everyone Should Know

The world is getting crazier and crazier on a daily basis and the need for self-defense is more important now than it’s ever been before. Most people are just now learning how to throw a punch (especially those that haven’t ever been in a backyard brawl or had an older sibling), but truthfully you don’t ever want to have to rely on plain old fisticuffs if your safety – or the safety of a loved one – is really on the line. No, you want to be to go all Chuck Norris on somebody when the chips are down – and that means learning these five kickboxing moves and practicing them until you are really, really confident putting them into play when your stress levels are all jacked up and the stakes are real. Let’s get after it!

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The good old “1-2” combo

A fundamental off pretty much every combat sport, this kickboxing move is going to involve learning how to throw a jab with your dominant hand and then immediately follow up with a cross from your non-dominant hand in exactly the same place on the target. Speed is of the essence here, as you really want to shock and confuse your opponent ASAP.

Side kick

This move is a bit more advanced, and requires that you move quickly, but it’s a proven effective kickboxing self-defense maneuver you want to master for sure.

Simply aim for the knees or abdomen as you raise your knee to your chest, pivot, and kick swiftly with the leg closest to your opponent. It’s a great way to hit the lower body of your target without them knowing what’s coming.

The Uppercut

This is a finishing move extreme, and it’s definitely a quick way to put someone down for the count, but it’s also something really, really easy to master.

All you have to do is squeeze your abs together, dip your non-dominant shoulder down while you twist away from your dominant shoulder, and then fire your punch from your waist up towards their chin. It worked in Mike Tyson Punch Out, didn’t it?

Of course, to hit with this kind of power, you're going to have to do some serious kettlebell weightlifting.

Front kick

If your reach isn’t all that long and you don’t want to let your target get in close, front kicks – basically just kicking out in front of you with your dominant and nondominant leg – is going to get the job done without any real funny business.

Just don’t leave your feet the way the karate kid did or you might find yourself tackled down and then things will really get risky.

The Jean-Claude Van Damme

If you really want to take things to the next level when it comes to kickboxing moves that are perfect for self-defense, this one is a little bit impractical but it sure does look cool!

This is basically a side kick (a lot like a front kick, but only done from the side) but you’ll want to kick your foot just as high as you can while leaning back on your nondominant side. Think of the move that Jean-Claude Van Damme did in the movie Time Cop to stop the purse thief in the mall and you’ll know exactly what talking about!

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