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Talking To Your Ex Again

More and likely you still have feelings for your ex.

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Talking to your again can be scary. Depending on how the break-up went, but here are some pointers if you want to speak to your ex again.

#10: Don't listen to anyone else besides yourself.

You made the choice to talk to your ex again. Telling your friends won't be easy because they were there when you were in tears. So, they probably won't like you're communicating with him or her again. But who cares. Obviously, there's a reason why you want to talk with your ex again.

#9: Making the First Move

Texting your ex is scary. Scarier than your Abuelita grabbing her chancla to give you a pao-pao. Pressing that send button is easier when you close your eyes.

#8: Meeting for a cup of coffee?

It's nerve wracking when you see your ex again. That moment when you hug and it's been weeks, months, or even a year, and it feels...good. Just don't get caught up in the moment, treat it like a friendly hug.

#7:Catching up.

Hearing about your ex and their time between the break-up and till now can be hard. You drift off thinking about the good memories you had with him or her. Pay attention though, as if it can lead to a great conversation. Which is what you just need to do. Talking is great .

#6: You will talk about the whole relationship.

Talking about the memories will feel great - especially when you see your ex's face smile.

#5: Learn to let go of the past.

One of y'all will talk about the break-up, but you have to clear that up. Forgive each other by letting go of what caused the break-up. It's the only way to move on and see if there's still a spark between y'all.

#4: Accept each other's life at the moment.

Your ex could be going through a tough life decision, but you can give your opinion. You don't have a say anymore since you all are not in a relationship anymore.

#3: Don't try to text so much afterward.

Double texting can be dangerous. It's a sign of being desperate. Take a chill pill (does people still say that?) Try to go a day or two without texting, then text your ex.

#2: Don't try stalk your ex online.

More and likely you will accidentally double-tap on an Instagram photo and well...damn. Let your ex follow you or send you a friend request first, then you can stalk them lol.

#1: Be yourself.

There's nothing more than being yourself. It's the reason why your ex fell in love with you the first time.

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