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10 Reasons South Park Is Still The Funniest Show On Television

With South Park having just finished its 17th season, it's time to look back at what makes the show so damn funny.

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10. They're Still On The Cultural Pulse

From a Game of Thrones parody to bringing back Kanye West, Stone and Parker really know how to keep with the times. It's been a staple of the show for years now and I think we'd all miss the satire on pop culture if it became absent.

8. It's As Offensive As Ever

You really have to be a fan of close-to-the-bone humour to fully appreciate South Park. While it does make clever comments and observations about the USA (and the whole world really) it's an equal opportunities offender. They love them some controversy and the show wouldn't be the same without this attitude.

7. The Show Has Maintained Its Quality

While other animations (I'm looking at you Family Guy) have slipped into lazy writing and near disrepair, South Park continues to show how it's done. The love Parker, Stone & Co. have for their work is really clear, and the fact that they can do it so well in seven days is astounding.

6. It's The Right Amount Of Weird

Where else would you find Van Halen playing at the Vatican or Honey BooBoo sketty wrestling for Michelle Obama? South Park prides itself on bizarre situations and certainly doesn't let its viewers don't when it comes to the surreal.

5. Their Ability To Mock Themselves

The team behind South Park are equal opportunity offenders and they aren't above turning that round on themselves. While other animations can only make fun of what has been negatively received, South Park goes a bit deeper into the core of the show and asks questions of itself. Of course sometimes they do this in the form of fart jokes.

4. They Aren't Afraid To Tackle Difficult Issues

From racism to religion, pop culture to politics - nothing is safe from South Park's vicious mocking. Parker and Stone go against popular opinion in everything they do which lends South Park its trademark contrarian view of the world. We wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Eric Cartman

He's a poisonous, detestable character but can we get enough of him? Of course not! His outrageous and sometimes disturbing antics are one of the most compelling parts of the show and are sure to continue into future seasons.

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