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8 Reasons Oasis Was The Best Band In The World . . . According To Oasis

“We’re not arrogant, we just believe we’re the best band in the world.” - Noel Gallagher. For a few glorious years, they just might have been right.

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“He’s the best songwriter in the f***ing world” — Liam Gallagher on his brother, Noel

Q Magazine, "the world's greatest music magazine" agrees, putting "Live Forever" at the top of its Greatest Songs Ever list. Q's second-greatest song ever? "Wonderwall."

“I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.”— Noel Gallagher

When Jay-Z opened his Glastonbury set by singing "Wonderwall" as a diss to Noel for protesting his headlining slot in the rock fest, it backfired, inspiring the crowd to joyously sing the song, boosted sales of Oasis albums and put the song back on the charts.

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“‘Slide Away’ is probably the best song I’ve ever written” — Noel Gallagher

Sir Paul McCartney agrees, citing it as his favorite Oasis song as well. The track has solid enough lineage, too: Noel says the song wrote itself on a guitar loaned to him by Johnny Marr.

“Johnny Depp is a pirate. What’s cooler than that?” — Noel Gallagher

He's also an Oasis-worthy guitar player. When Noel was supposedly too drunk to pull off the slide-guitar solo on the song "Fade In-Out," his mate Johnny Depp, who happened to be hanging out in the studio, stepped in and delivered the goods in just one take.

“The longer the better as far as I'm concerned . . . I can see what people are going to say, but f**** 'em” — Noel Gallagher

At 9:38, "All Around The World" holds the record as the longest single ever to reach #1 in the UK. In a typically Oasis move, rather than edit the song down for radio, they actually made single version is 20 seconds longer.

“How often do we argue? Every day. But it’s not hate, it’s love”— Liam Gallagher

Oasis don't even have to write a song to have a hit — a NSFW recording of the Gallagher brothers fighting hit #52 in the UK, becoming the highest-charting interview in UK history.

“We drink Pepsi now” — Noel Gallagher

People have accused Oasis of nicking bits of Beatles and Stones songs, but it was Coca-Cola who sued (and won) for the similarities between "Shaker Maker" and "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing." Oasis paid up...and then worked Coke's old theme song into live versions of their song.

“It’s possibly one of the greatest songs ever written” — Noel Gallagher

Apparently, Coke agrees. After suing Oasis for stealing their old theme song, Coke quickly paid the band back by having a childrens' choir perform "Whatever" for their new theme song.

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