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7 Reasons Why The Jersey Boys Are More Gangsta Than Goodfellas

Think the Four Seasons are just some oldies act? Mr. Sinatra, Mr. Soprano and a few of their friends just might have something to say about that.

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1. Joe "I amuse you?" Pesci, who played by far the least "good" of the gangsters in “Goodfellas,” named his character after old friend and Four Season's guitarist, Tommy DeVito.


2. Jersey mob boss (and Four Seasons’ guardian angel) Gyp DeCarlo protected Tommy when he fell behind on payments to a loan shark. Later, the band performed at the penitentiary where DeCarlo was doing time. “My Mother’s Eyes” was said to be DeCarlo’s jam.

3. Christopher Walken, who plays DeCarlo in Jersey Boys, won an Academy Award for his role in The Deer Hunter. "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," a key song in the film, played as he picked up his Oscar.

4. Frankie Valli’s name was dropped more than a few times on The Sopranos, and the man himself even played capped capo Rusty Millio.

5. Sinatra said rock ’n’ roll was written by “cretinous goons,” but he made an album with Four Season’s musical mastermind Bob Gaudio. The result? The epic Watertown — Sinatra’s darkest album and one gaining a reputation in indie-rock circles as his best.

6. The band was touring behind the hit “Let’s Hang On” at the Ohio County Fair in 1965 when they were busted for skipping out on a hotel bill the year before.

7. The very model of swagger, Clint Eastwood, chose to direct their biopic. You gonna argue with that?

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