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    10 Things Every Doors Fan Needs To Know About Morrison Hotel

    In celebration of Morrison Hotel turning 45 today, here's 10 essential things you need to know about the iconic Doors album:

    1. Morrison Hotel Was Considered The Doors "Comeback" Album

    2. It Was A Hit Record With No Hit Singles

    3. "Waiting For The Sun" Wasn't Finished In Time For Waiting For The Sun

    One of Morrison Hotel's most revered cuts was actually supposed to be the title track to an earlier album. "The artwork was done, but the song wasn't ready," said keyboardist Ray Manzarek. It took a year, but they finally got "Waiting For The Sun" right.

    4. The Doors Had To Photobomb Their Own Album Cover

    5. Then The Morrison Hotel Became A Total Dump

    6. Even The Dive Bar On The Back Cover Became World Famous (Sorta)

    7. Half Of Morrison Hotel Is Actually Called Hard Rock Cafe

    8. The Harmonica Player On "Roadhouse Blues" Also Sang The Theme To Welcome Back Kotter

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    Though credited as "G. Puglese" on the album, the guy playing harp on "Roadhouse Blues" is actually John Sebastian, ex-leader of The Lovin' Spoonful. As a solo artist he had just one hit: The theme to the sitcom that gave us John Travolta.

    9. . . . And The Guy On Bass Sorta Taught Stevie Ray Vaughan How To Play Guitar

    Lonnie Mack, who plays bass on "Roadhouse Blues" was better known as a top-shelf blues guitarist. In fact, Stevie Ray Vaughan said that, as a kid, he practiced guitar to one of Lonnie's albums so many times his dad destroyed it.

    10. Morrison Hotel Even Made The Doors A Better Live Band