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10 Heaviest Black Sabbath Songs

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10. "Supernaut" from Black Sabbath Vol.4 (1972)

This brutal track off the band's fourth album is 4:31 of pure metal. Iommi's guitar solo at 1:40 is epic!

9. "Iron Man" from Paranoid (1970)

"Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?" – most of us can recite this all-time classic metal anthem word-for-word. And we all know that riff that made Iommi a guitar god.

8. "Into The Void" from Master of Reality (1971)

Geezer Butler's hard-hitting bass work makes this one of the best tracks from Master of Reality.

7. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)

The self-titled track off Sabbath's fifth-studio album, the band rented out an entire castle in England to draw inspiration during its making. This first song they wrote was "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" – bam!

6. "Paranoid" from Paranoid (1970)

Black Sabbath never felt "Paranoid" would become a hit, but it changed their lives forever when it became their first successful single in America. Tony Iommi stated in an interview that the entire track took maybe four minutes to record! Nevertheless, the track's relentless pace and Ozzy's urgent vocals make it a heavy metal standard to this day.


5. "Sweet Leaf" from Master of Reality (1971)

Hear that *cough cough cough* in the beginning? That's supposedly a tape loop of Tony Iommi enjoying a smoke sesh with bandmate Ozzy. Needless to say, this hard-hitting classic is quintessential stoner metal!

"You gave to me a new belief, and soon the world will love you sweet leaf"

4. "War Pigs" from Paranoid (1970)

This instantly recognizable track has it all: war, politics, death, and judgment day.

3. "The Writ" from Sabotage (1975)

When Ozzy's vocals & Iommi's steel guitar work break out at 40 seconds, you know you're in for one heavy ride!

2. "Electric Funeral" from Paranoid (1970)

The track begins with Iommi's ominous guitar work, setting up Ozzy's doom-filled prophecy that tells of a "dying world of radiation, victims of mad frustration."

1. "Black Sabbath" from Black Sabbath (1970)

The holy metal anthem that started it all. This is the track that opened the doors to the church of heavy metal as we still know it today. That ominous riff, combined with Ozzy's wavering vocals, still send chills down our bodies... Undoubtedly still one of the heaviest songs produced by Sabbath.


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