A BuzzFeed Proposal: 7 Years, 11 Months And 1 Day In The Making

This story isn’t about a proposal; this story is a proposal. [Editor’s note: she said “Yes!”]

1. The funny thing about fate is, you don’t realize it’s working in your favor until you look back and see how your life was forever changed by this one, seemingly insignificant, moment.

No boy expects to walk into his freshman math class and see the woman he’s going to marry… but there you were.

You don’t realize the girl you’re escorting down the stairs, the one saying “Don’t let me fall!”, is going to be… the one.

Our Junior Prom - we didn’t go together, but we were both in Prom Court and were paired up together. You asked me to hold you up and make sure you didn’t fall down the stairs.

We started out as friends, and remain best friends today.

2. I asked you to be my girlfriend. You became my better-half, my inspiration, my motivation, and my world.

I left work early, bought flowers, came to see you in your Media Production classroom, and asked you to be my girlfriend. January 10, 2006.

We’ve only been together for 30 minutes in this picture.

“All I have are these arms to enfold you, and a love time can never destroy.”

We found a song that profoundly defined our relationship from the start.

Sorry… couldn’t find one that didn’t show Rod Stewart’s face… I know he creeps you out.

3. You always wanted a Prince Charming. While I don’t have royal blood or riches, I willingly have given you everything I have and everything I am.

Senior Prom, 2006.

4. We went from High School Sweethearts, to… whatever the equivalent of that is for College.


5. We share the perspective that life is an adventure, and we experienced the world together.

The first plane ride of your life was the one we took to the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles to get your student visa for our upcoming study abroad in Florence.

The trip to Florence was just the third time you had ever been in an airplane.

6. After traveling around the world with you, I couldn’t see my life without you by my side - so we returned to the US and we moved into our first place!

We ate Peter Piper Pizza while sitting on moving boxes, as we watched our TV (also on top of moving boxes). You still think about that every time we think of moving somewhere else.

7. We stuck together through everything… even my signature picture face (seen below).

Actually, you know what. That’s handsome as hell, so you’re welcome.

8. We persevered, and followed our passions to great careers with people who believe in us.

We continue to count our blessings in life, and be entirely grateful to the fact that we’re surrounded by people who believe in us and support us.

9. And after nearly eight years, I sometimes look at you and lose the rest of the world.

10. I just find myself lost in how much I love you.

11. Your artistic side…

Winner - Best Graphic Design Portfolio - Art Institute of Phoenix - 2012

12. … your nerdy side…

Ok ok… this may have been a costume.

13. … your classy look…

14. … and your comfortable one.

You were Dora the Explorer before it was cool.

15. We don’t know where exactly we’ll end up in life, but we’re ok with that…

Is Global Warming real? Yeah, and it’s caused by this hottie melting the glaciers!

16. … as long as we’re together.

We were literally blown off this beach when the strangest storm came and made us run into the city! I mean, who does this happen to?! Only us - which is why I love every trip with you. It never goes as planned… it ends up unique and better.

A view of Firenze - our home in Europe! This was the most fantastic 5 months, and I’m so lucky to have been able to spend it with you.

18. So, last week, I went over to your parents’ house, and asked them a question…

Your mom was on board right away.

Your dad needed some time to think it over…

… but he eventually gave his permission as well.

19. And today, 7 years, 11 months, and 1 day from when I first brought you flowers and asked you to be my girlfriend, I’ve come back to where everything started…

20. … not where I asked you to be my girlfriend. I came back to the stars-aligning moment when we entered each others’ lives.

21. Meet me where it all began so we can start something new, and be grateful for all that we’ve shared since meeting in this exact spot for the first time.

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