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8 Modes Of Transportation That Are Impractical For An Adult

Now that you're older, here are some modes of transportation that you should just skip.

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1. The Green Machine


Woah, slow down there! This super fast piece of machinery may seem like an eco-friendly alternative to the everyday automobile, but it's actually pretty dangerous due to it's exposed interior and clunky steering. SKIP!

3. Moon Shoes


Number 1.) Unless your destination is the moon, SKIPPPP!

Number 2.) They will slow you down so much that if you need groceries you'd be better off growin' them yourself. I hope you're not allergic to peanut butter, because you should SKIPPY.

5. Razor Scooter


The benefit is that this vehicle is affordable and cool looking. The downfall is, there better not be rocks on your path or you'll fall down. Pull an Alan Hale, Jr. from Gilligan's Island and SKIPPER.

6. Ford Mustang


Wait, Mustangs are bad cars? Fooled ya! It looks like a Mustang, but it's ELECTRIC. While that might seem like a plus, the charge only lasts about 30 minutes so this bad boy isn't worth the time limit. Make like an old toy and Skip-It!

7. Pogo Stick


Jump Around is only cool when the Cypress Hill Gang are yelling it and when Kangaroos do it. Are you a member of the CHG or a Kangaroo? No? Than ya better act like a record in a Tribe Called Quest song and S-s-s-s-s-SKIP.

Truth is, I wish I could still fit in some of these and be comfortable. Ride whatever the heck you want and go nuts 'cause you're never too old to be a kid again. Except for moon shoes. Do NOT put them on. You WILL sprain an ankle.

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