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    • johnnyc77

      The passcode screen image shown above epitomizes one of my problems with iOS7—the “transparent layering” can produce ugly color combinations, mixed in an almost random way with no apparent underlying order. Why do I want the circles around the numbers to have so many colors? Why do I want each circle to be different? The new Settings icon looks like an ugly kitchen fan. The camera icon looks like it was drawn by an engineering student. The Neue Helvetica Light is frequently hard to read, made worse when the letters are small and gray on white, or yellow on white (like the new Notes). I miss Steve Jobs. I don’t think he would have allowed so much flatness—especially when “no taste” Windows does it better. And if “flat” is so important, why do we have so much 3D zooming? The old Safari was flat and legible when you looked at all the open pages. The new Safari is “3D” and hard to read, with a lot of the screen wasted.

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