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    • johnnyb9

      …to all of you who are coming to zimmerman’s defense, saying things like “you were’nt there”, or “it proves he wasathug” (i’m particularly looking at you melissa, greg, and nellie) …it’s painfully obvious to everyone else that all you’re really doing is projecting your own insecurities, fears, and prejudices onto this incident …you’re willfully dismissing basic facts and articles of law, in favor of trying to rationalize and justify your own (heavily biased) points of view …and yes, the easiest conclusion to come to based on your blatant, stubborn, wrong-headed bias is; racism is fueling it …you’re putting yourselves in zimmerman’s place, and speaking fromaplace of fear and prejudice, not logic, or law …like the trick matthew mccoughnahey pulled in “a time to kill”: close your eyes, and reverse the race of the people involved …zimmerman isa30 yr old armed black dude, and trayvon isa16 yr old, blonde-haired irish kid, and the circumstances are exactly the same …are you still defending zimmerman? somehowidoubt it …we all get it: you’re terrified of all the young black thugs you see wreaking havoc on the news every night, and if one of them were “threatening” you, you’d want to shoot him too …still, that does’nt make your “justification” defense in this case any more valid. (david vaughn: “culpability”…you nailed it)

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