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  • Grammy Real Talk: What You Can Expect To See And Not To See On January 26th

    This is not about bubble-bursting. But it is about real talk. And maybe you just don’t care all that much about what happens on “Music’s Biggest Night” (By the way, did you know they have trademarked that phrase? Oh, yes they have). But truth be told, for all the sniping and head-scratching that the Grammy nominations and subsequent ceremony annually provokes, no artist doesn’t want to win one. I’ve spent more than a few years covering M’s BN. In fact, for the past few, I even served as anchor of the Academy’s “Grammy Live” webcast. I’ve been around the golden gramophone rodeo long enough to offer up these predictions on what you will and won’t see beaming your way from downtown Los Angeles on the final Sunday of the month.

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