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    • johnnaw2

      My observation: My great-grandmothers died at 97 and 101, of old age. They were active and able to do for themselves until the very end. They were raised on farms, ate vegetables and fruit straight from the garden and orchard (organic), drank milk form their cows, ate eggs, red meat and poultry they raised (organic), drank well water, etc. They worked hard, played hard, and walkedalot. They were never obese, diabetic, etc. Their children grew up and moved to the cities, where they had their children. It was then that chemicals started being added to our food supply, packaged in aluminum, and the new television promoted convenient TV dinners to housewives who were beginning to seek employment away from home. Increased exposure to environmental pollutants in household cleaners, skin care products and other sources began to bombard our immune systems. The occurrence of birth defects, learning disabilities, cancers and chronic diseases increased. My grand-mothers died 20 years younger than their mothers, and suffered the last 30 years of their lives with chronic illness. My mother hadatriple bypass at the age of 55 and is struggling daily with chronic illness at the age of 65.Iam 49 and have been chronically ill for the past 30 years.Idon’t need any scientific research to tell me whatIalready know.Iused to eat processed food and drink sodas, because that is whatIwas taught.Ilearned this lesson the hard way, “Eat your food as close to the way God made it as you can get it, and you will be well”.IwishIknew 40 years ago, whatIknow now. My father always said, “Too soon old, and too late smart”. Repeated misdiagnosis, processed food and pharmaceutical drugs almost killed me!Ilooked at nature-Wild life teaches us much about how to live. For example: Seagulls who live over the open ocean consume the nutrition God intended. Seagulls who live at the city dump and eat what we throw away develop tumors and die younger.Ihave no doubt that eating processed food gave me all the permanent health problemsIsuffer with today. Eating whole fresh organic fruits, vegetables, meats and grains these past 25 years has helped my immune system to heal and reversed much of the damage that was caused by chemical laden processed foods and beverages, skin care products, environmental toxins and pharmaceutical drugs. Going back to consuming foods in their most natural form, is the only reasonIam still alive. That is no exaggeration!IAMawalking science experiment. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are bound to repeat them and teach them to our children. My children are adopted, becauseIlost4pregnancies. Also the result of chemicals and chronic illness. My children eat organic, whole food and enjoy optimal health. They don’t get colds, the flu, infections, etc.Idon’t allow them to eat processed food and they have been taught the wisdom my great-grandmother grew up with and thatIhave learned later in life. My great-grandmother argued with her children and grand-children about what real food is. Why? Because she cared and in her wisdom, she knew what healthy food should look and taste like, and about nutrition. That is the same reason why I, and so many others promote good nutrition; because we care about YOU. The single most important thing you do every day is feed yourself and your family. Every meal, snack and beverage is either nourishment or poison to your cells. Unhealthy cells can only reproduce more of the same. They contain the genetics that will affect future generations. You are not just feeding yourself and your children, but your great-great-grandchildren.

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