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Jan 2017
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    johnnaconley commented on What's The Pettiest Thing You've Ever Done To A Sibling?

    I had a nice piece of steak in the refrigerator that I had cooked the night before, but when I got up the next morning to heat it up, I found out that my brother had taken it to school for his lunch. I was furious. Well, he took a soda to school every day, and he had enough in the… 


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    johnnaconley commented on What Is The Nicest Thing Your Sibling Has Done For You?

    My brother is 2 years younger than me, and one nice thing in particular that he did stands out above all the rest. I was about a week from going out of town for a concert on my birthday, when I (quite literally) walked right through my favorite pair of shoes. I was so upset, because… 


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    johnnaconley commented on What's The Most Savage Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said Or Done?

    My friend, my six year old and I were looking for a sweater in some boxes in my garage, and she pointed and one and said "What's in there?", to which I replied, "My hopes and dreams, probably." And then, from across the room, we hear the six year old say, "Wow, you have hopes and… 


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