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The 11 Worst Little Things That Hotels Do To Their Guests

Staying in a hotel should be comfortable & relaxing, right? Not when you encounter these totally unnecessary but all-too-common ways that hotels frustrate, irritate, and annoy their guests.

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2. Making us be dirty


We're all in favor of conserving water - but we need at least a little bit of flow in the shower. It doesn't have to be Niagara Falls in there, but we can't get clean standing under a feeble trickle.

4. Setting the TV to blast us at maximum volume every time we turn it on


And it's always that stupid in-house channel urging us to rent a movie! No thanks, I'm not going to pay ten bucks to watch "Paul Blart: Mall Cop", no matter how loudly you suggest it.

6. Giving us just that one super-heavy down-filled blanket


All night we keep waking up either freezing or sweating, and we pull that blanket on or off, and the cycle starts again. How about giving us a normal blanket?

8. Sleep-depriving bathroom lights


In a room for two people, it should be possible for one to get up in the night & use the bathroom without disturbing the other. So then why is the bathroom light switch located outside the bathroom, and why does it also activate a fan that roars louder than a jet engine? The light-and-sound show means that NOBODY can sleep through a late-night tinkle run.

9. Moving our stuff around


We appreciate you cleaning up the room while we're out, but why do you have to move my razor from the sink to the shower, my eyeglasses from nightstand to dresser, my shirt from one corner of the room to another? I don't want to go on a scavenger hunt for my stuff; just leave everything where you found it.

11. More sleep deprivation


People who have been traveling often need to catch up on sleep during daylight. That's hard to do if the curtains are see-through, or if they don't close all the way. That 2-inch gap between the curtains always seems to aim a laser-like sunbeam straight across the pillow and into the face of a weary traveler.

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