Texas State Senator Wendy “Badass” Davis Filibusters Anti-Choice Legislation For 13 Hours

Over the past several days, hundreds of women in Texas have responded to the Texas Legislature’s anti-choice abortion bills. The response has been astonishing and inspiring.

1. Pro-choice supporters are sporting burnt orange and spending their day in the Texas Senate.

Right now, Texas State Senator is engaged in a non-stop, 13-hour filibuster of proposed abortion legislation. How did we get here?

3. It all started on Friday, when over 700 Texas woman showed up at the Texas Capitol to testify on SB 5, which would restrict access to abortion services and deny such services after 20 weeks. That’s officially 680 more witnesses that a normal hearing.

The women systematically testified against abortion legislation Gov. Perry asked the Texas House and Senate to take up as part of his special session. The hearing lasted until 3:42am.

Then on Sunday, when the bill was scheduled to be heard in the Texas House, more than 1,000 pro-choice supports packed the Capitol.

That’s officially 980 more supporters than normal at the Texas Capitol. Trust me, I checked.

6. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood and daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards, is on site to support the hundreds of protestors standing up for women’s rights.

7. Cecile flew in last night at the last minute to support Sen. Wendy Davis’ marathon filibuster.

It’s always good to have a Richards in the dome.

Debate on the bill began at about 11am. The special session ends at midnight and any bills that did not pass the Senate will die.

Fun fact: Pro-choice supports chose orange because 1. it was a last-minute decision to have a rally (which makes the amount who came all the more impressive) and 2. The University of Texas, which boasts burnt orange and white as its school color, is approx. 0.3 miles from the Capitol. The only color for shirts available in large quantities at the last minute was burnt orange. Planned Parenthood gave out all 1,000 shirts it had made.

It’s easy to see why Texas women fight for their rights.

11. The next generation of Texas women is depending on you, Wendy!

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