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  • “Do They Have the Internet in Ireland Yet?” Asks a Yahoo On Yahoo! Answers

    At Yahoo! Answers people ask and answer questions on any topic. Everyone is invited to share facts, opinions and personal experiences with the Yahoo! Answers community. The questions mirror the internet’s amazing, and often wacky, diversity. Recent queries include: which free antivirus program is best of these three? Is anyone else having problems with yahoo messenger ? Where can I find a really strong shovel? what is eating the dead mice in my mouse trap? Poll: Would you rather be covered in cream or chocolate……? But it was the question from “RedSoccer” that caught IrishMediaNation’s attention, telegraphed in this post’s title: “Do they have the internet in Ireland yet?” Oh my. (see rest of story at

  • Never the Twain Shall Meet

    Two NYC business sharing the same entrance…get the feeling there’s not a lot of crossover among the clientele. Bet patrons figure out pretty quickly if they wander into the wrong room.

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