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6 High-Tech Gadgets For Your Low-Tech Grandparents

With great age come great challenges. Luckily, there are some gadgets for grandparents which will make life more easy and awesome.

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1. Lively: Keep tabs on forgetful, but independent, grandma

With great age, unfortunately, often comes great forgetfulness. We want our elders to be able independently for as long as humanly possible, and Live!y helps you do just that: install sensors on pillboxes, the front door, the refrigerator, etc and you can remotely keep tabs on the daily activities of your moms or pops. Give her a call if she forgot to take her pills today, or hasn't gone out in a few days.

3. An Electric Bike: the Freedom without the Exhaustion

Ok, so I'm Dutch. We love bikes — like, really love them. So this one might not be for all of you, but out here in the Netherlands, the elderly have truly embraced the electric bike (or "e-bike"). These bikes are still peddled like a normal bike, but are assisted by an electric motor. It feels like always having the wind in your back. Ideal for those who want to stay on the move without getting exhausted!

4. iFetch: Playing catch when grandpa can't

People and their dogs. It's weird, but it works. But with old age we can't play with them the way we used to. But that's alright! There's some great tech gadgets that can play with grandpa's trusty companion even if he can't anymore. iFetch plays catch with your dog; it takes a few time to learn, but you can learn old dogs new tricks (check out the training tips if yours has trouble).

5. Famatic: the Interactive Photo Frame

If you've succeeded in getting your grandparents addicted to their smartphone, kudos to you! Next step: sharing stuff over the internet. We've got loads of social media channels, but if that's just a bridge too far for grandma, you can get her this interactive social photo frame. You can connect your social media account, and she gets to enjoy the photos and videos you share, without having to "know how to Facebook". Or you can just e-mail photos directly to the frame!

6. Neato: A Pet Vacuum

I have to admit: I have one of these, and I love it. The one rolling around at our place is called Kirby, because you know, they both suck. It keeps the house relatively dust-free and even helps prevent dust mite allergy attacks, if you are prone to them.

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