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12 Things All Children With Young Moms Know.

We make the most of what life gives us, even if we weren't necessarily prepared for it.

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1. Being "Hip" is and always will be a priority.

Paramount / Via

You relate far too well to this gif... i know... and its kind of uncomfortable...

2. A filter isn't something she had.

Lifetime / Via

in turn you didn't get one of those either.

3. Shopping was ruined for you, for the fact it took entire days to leave stores.

Fox / Via

"I Wanna Go HOME!"

4. Sometimes you saw her bad ass show.


And it was Awesome and magical!!

5. Sometimes she didn't know how to dress like a mom.

20th Century Fox / Via

"I'm looking for something that says reserved, yet Sexy!".... Nailed it...

6. ... but it always happened to be when she picked you up from school...

Sony Pictures / Via

Like WHY?!!!

7. She liked going out A Lot.

Lifetime / Via

and that is okay, she's just learning how to be an adult like you're now.

8. Sometimes her advice could be very weird...

CBS / Via

maybe not this weird... but you get it...

9. That whole sister thing....


"Is that your sister?" (Awkward pause)

10. The movie American Pie ended your middle or high school social life...

Disney / Via

with four little letters...

11. Even though she didn't know what she was doing half the time, she still taught you all the important things.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And you turned out ok... right?

12. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

Showtime / Via

cause even though she can be utterly embarrassing, she's the best mom ever.

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