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Rex Tillerson Just Got Fired From The State Department After A Troubled Tenure

Trump announced Tuesday he plans to replace Tillerson with current CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Matt Berman One year ago

"Bloody Nose" Attack On North Korea Not Being Considered, White House Confirms

A quick strike to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile programs is one option bandied about in Washington. But the White House confirmed Thursday it is not being considered.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump Threatened To Cut Off Aid Over A UN Vote. Budget Proposal Doesn't Do That.

Donald Trump threatened to cut off aid to countries that condemned the US's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. But the proposed State Department budget doesn't do that.

John Hudson One year ago

Progressives Are Unhappy That Menendez Will Retake Foreign Affairs Committee Role

Sources tell BuzzFeed News that Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has approved the return of Sen. Robert Menendez as ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. He's one of his party's most conservative foreign policy voices.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump Administration Admits It Cribbed From Forbes Magazine To Create “Oligarch List”

The revelation is likely to invite criticism that a congressionally mandated list designed to punish Russia for interfering in the US election was put together haphazardly.

John Hudson One year ago

CIA Director Says He's No Longer Calling All The Shots At The Spy Agency

In a wide-ranging assessment of his first year as the leader of the nation's premier spy agency, Mike Pompeo provides new details about how the CIA operates in the Trump era.

John Hudson One year ago

How Rex Tillerson Thinks He Can Avoid Mission Creep in Syria

The US's top diplomat has called for an indefinite US troop presence in Syria to stanch Iranian expansion. But in an interview he said that doesn't mean the US will fight Tehran – unless Iran shoots first.

John Hudson One year ago

Tillerson Calls For Indefinite US Military Presence In Syria To Remove Assad

In a speech at Stanford University, the secretary of state spelled out a US plan to advance a political transition in Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad.

John Hudson One year ago

African Countries Aren't Actually Bothered By The "Shithole" Controversy, Says Rex Tillerson

As more African nations issue angry statements and summon US diplomats, Trump's secretary of state insists "nothing has changed" in US-Africa relations.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump Still Couldn’t Bring Himself To Kill The Iran Deal — But More Sanctions Are Coming

Iran said on Saturday it will not accept any changes to the deal, and vowed to retaliate against new sanctions imposed on its head of judiciary.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump Expected To Tap Ex-Rumsfeld Adviser For Top Middle East Job

If confirmed, David Schenker will become the first non-career official since the 90s to lead the State Department’s Middle East bureau.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump Administration Set for Broad Engagement with Russia in Early 2018

Ending an Obama policy of isolating Moscow, the top military leaders of NATO and Russia are planning to meet in Azerbaijan later this month.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump's Justice Department Calls Anti-Iran Bill Unconstitutional

A Justice Department memo obtained by BuzzFeed News says a House-passed bill infringes on the president’s power to control sensitive national security information.

John Hudson One year ago

White House Nominates Bannon Foe As Top US Diplomat For Asia

The appointment of Susan Thornton is a major win for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a blow to the Trump administration's nationalist wing.

John Hudson One year ago

5 Glaring Contradictions Between Trump’s Official Strategy And His Actions

On Monday, America First got confusing. Really confusing.

John Hudson One year ago

Trump’s Ambassadors Are Going Rogue On Twitter

Callista Gingrich, Nikki Haley, and Scott Brown are all running afoul of federal guidelines on social media while the State Department whistles in the wind.

John Hudson One year ago

NO DEAL: How Secret Talks With Russia To Prevent Election Meddling Collapsed

With the 2018 midterms on the horizon, Moscow proposed a sweeping noninterference agreement with the United States, US officials tell BuzzFeed News. The Trump administration said no.

John Hudson One year ago

Defying Every Major Ally Besides Israel, Trump Officially Recognizes Jerusalem As Its Capital

"Acknowledging this fact is a necessary condition to achieving peace," Trump said in a speech on Wednesday.

John Hudson One year ago

It Was Kushner Who Told Flynn To Make Calls About Israel UN Vote, Source Says

The president's son-in-law prompted the Dec. 22, 2016, call to Russia's ambassador that is the focus of Flynn's guilty plea Friday.

Aram Roston One year ago

Trump Has A Plan To Replace Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson With The CIA Chief

Under the scenario, Sen. Tom Cotton would become the new CIA leader.

John Hudson One year ago