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    • johnhenrye

      im proud of being filipino because we are rich of natual resources, natural beauty of nature we have there, especially the beaches…..and not that proud because of the government, poverty and the so ugly metro manila most especially the Manila itself………… so what is the sense of being so proud of them if you dont even have a single cent of their earnings? lol for sure they wont give you even you tell them you love and very proud of them……they became famous because of their talents and skill, not their race……and actually they only work for their personal interest and not really for the country……

    • johnhenrye

      lol!!! enough of proud filipino thing!! we are all proud of our race…..all people in the list became famous not because of their race, but through their talents…. thats all that matters the most, talents and skills……..though im kinda proud of my country because of full of natural resources, and the beauty of nature…..and im not kinda proud because of the government and the ugly metro manila also the poverty………so whats the sense of being so proud of their success internationally if theyre earning so well and we dont, they wont for sure give you money if you say youre proud of them….. lol!!!!

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