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Super Mario Magnets

Time to build some new levels on your fridge!

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After Super Mario Maker, the video game which allows players to create their own levels from the Super Mario series and then publish those levels to the Internet, come the Super Mario Magnets! / Via

Time to invite those Goombas and Troopas to your kitchen without being afraid of killing you.

The set seems to be available in the £5-7 range.

The collection consists of 80 magnets with scenes and characters from the original Super Mario Bros game. You will find Mario and Luigi, Koopas, Troopas, flowers and coins, as well as level details such as bricks and sewer tunnels.

It will also be valuable in case you want to lose weight. Just make a difficult level on your fridge and try to complete it before grabbing some food. You'll get so hyped that you'll forget that you were hungry!

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