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Attack Of The 8 Foot Lindsay Lohans

Lindsay Lohan serves as muse and collaborator in artist Richard Phillips' new exhibition of large scale paintings.

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Artist Richard Phillips first collaboration with Lindsay Lohan occured in 2011 while creating a series of "motion portraits" or short films.

Drawing from these motion portraits Phillps has now created vivid, large scale, photo-realistic paintings for his latest exhibition at New York's Gagosian Gallery, on view now until October 20, 2012.


In addition to paintings of Lohan, Phillips has also created large scale portraits of supermodel Adriana Lima and actress Sacha Grey.


Here's the first short film, called "Lindsay Lohan," containing lush sequences of Lohan swimming, lounging and sunning herself on an empty Malibu Beach.

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Via http://Gagosian%20Gallery

In the second film entitled "Point Break" Lohan returns to the Malibu beach for a day of surfing but this time her privacy is invaded by the paparazzi.