45 Romney Vice Presidential Candidates

Romney campaign VP picker Beth Myers recently tweeted a shortlist of contenders for Romney’s running mate. Pictured below are some of those candidates along with a few others which are sure to spice up the campaign and distract from bad headlines.

1. Tim Pawlenty

2. Rob Portman

3. Bobby Jindal

4. Marco Rubio

5. Kelly Ayotte

6. Leslie Knope

7. Selina Meyer

8. Stephenie Meyer

9. Fifty Shades of Grey

10. Rupert Sanders

12. Bizzaro World Joe Biden

13. Paula Deen

14. New Paula Deen

15. Lena Dunham

16. Jeff Dunham

17. The Mother of Dragons

18. Stefan Urquelle

19. Macho Man Randy Savage


20. Shirtless Justin Bieber

21. An Eagle

22. Tiny Eagle

23. Golden Corral Chocolate Wonderfall

24. Wawa Classic Hoagie

25. Unfrosted Pop Tart

26. Stuffed Crust Pizza

27. Ramona Pinot Grigio

28. Spokesbag

29. Popeil Pasta Maker

30. Cool Dog

31. Honey Boo Boo Child

32. Latrice Royale

33. Girl in Duct Tape Prom Dress

34. Walter White

35. Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper

36. Janice of the Muppets

37. Greta the Gremlin

39. Legends of the Hidden Temple Head

40. Emoji Dancers

41. Baby Sinclair


43. Stack of Tax Returns

44. Drudge Siren

45. Everything

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