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14 Street Foods Everyone Must Try In Cambridge

Cambridge used to be The Land That Food Forgot. Not any more. Get your head around these amazing street food offerings.

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6. Market Square Dim Sum

Image by John Gallagher

That dim sum stall on the Market Square? GO THERE. Have the steamed pork and chive dumplings. And the deep-fried Sichuan spicy pork dumplings. And the veggie dumplings. And the won ton soup. And for the love of god don't tell anyone.


9. Fired Up Pizza

Alex Bright / Via

A wood-fired pizza oven. Bubbling cheese, gorgeous dough. Meat-eaters, try the 'nduja topping: it's the sausage of the gods. Please forget I said "sausage of the gods".

Far more info (and superhero backstory) here, and find yourself some pizza by following on Twitter.

10. Shelly & Sarah's

Image by John Gallagher

They run a red van on Market Square. They aren't on Twitter. They won't be rocking up to any festivals. But for a bacon sandwich with brown sauce and a cup of tea in the dead of winter, they're your only van.

12. Warm Your Cockles / Via

Craft coffee and great cake making the morning slog down Station Road infinitely more bearable. And their van is called Gertie. A van! Called Gertie! (she's on Twitter).

14. The Van of Life

Image by Tom Furnival / Via Flickr: traditionalfiddle

The original and still the greatest. Up there with King's College Chapel as a Cambridge landmark, but with better cheesy chips. They say Isaac Newton used to swing by of an evening for nuggets and garlic sauce. Smartest thing he ever did.

They're not online but their fans are.