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    • johndub

      I think that it’s patently unfair to talk about Dr. Seuss as havingaracist perspective against African-Americans. His political cartoons during WWII, while they may have been drawn with caricature, were as progressive in perspective as they got, attacking Jim Crow laws’ negative impact on the war effort (4/14/1942), hiring discrimination in the military or its associated industries (6/26/1942, 6/29/1942, and 7/8/1942), and the segregationist governor of Georgia (8/19/1942). In addition, he linked racism and anti-Semitism inaway that few white journalists at the time did. In the forward to Dr. Seuss Goes To War (whichIrecommend to anyone interested in political commentary during the Second World War), Art Spiegelman lauds Seuss’s cartoons as “virtually the only editorial cartoons outside the communist and black press that decried the military’s Jim Crow policies and Charles Lindbergh’s anti-Semitism”.

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