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    • johnd19

      Food pills - ” eating food together is such a cultural staple” that we’d get more accomplished if we only had meetings or get-togethers that didn’t involve food. NYC - Manhattan is an ISLAND. NJ is NOT. Case closed. (And they complain about US people not knowing about Britain and Europe…) Time travel - Yep, very bad. In fact there’s a sci-fi story pointing out that every second becomes the past immediately, so governments and average citizens could spy on everyone. So even a time vision thing would be bad, let alone travel. UFP - If you’d done only a *little* investigating, you’d find that the UFP charter is based on the UN Charter. The UFP is a far cry from the Galactic Republic/Empire of Star Wars. Cloning - try looking at Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein, there are some very useful ideas about clones there. (Do you guys actually know *anything* about science fiction?) Teleportation - well, some places would have to be shielded against teleport - like 10 Downing St. - but if the safety record gets as good as airlines, it would be good because your sneakers wouldn’t have to be searched anymore. AI - whether you like it or not, it’s coming. Virtual reality - keeps some of the kooks playing 24/7 instead of really engaging in terrorist attacks. Underwater cities - “Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to house millions of people protected from trillions of gallons of water by a mere glass bubble?” Well, of course, it wouldn’t be a “mere” glass bubble, and there’d likely be locks between areas just like there are on the ISS. Vacuum, water, same problem. Why? Because about 3/4 of the Earth surface is covered by water, and this would allow more population without wiping out more land animals. Flying cars - If teleportation works, then you don’t need them. (Just remember to keep some essence of dittany around in case of splinch.) If the writers on Orphan Black are anything like the writers of the above article, the series is doomed…