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Top 10 Sexiest College Dorm Must Haves!

Living at college has never been better! Pick up these 10 best lifestyle products! Oh so sexy!

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10. Set The Mood With Magic Lighting

Harry Potter's got nothing on you when you've got Philips Hue. Not many products are invited into the Apple Store. Philips Hue personal wireless lighting earned its place. Millions of colors. Complete automation. Control it all from your iPhone. Set your perfect mood lighting for any party or date night. Brighten your room!

4. Sexy Storage Solution

Short on storage in your dorm room? Cabidor turns any door into an extra-stylish cabinet. Makes for an amazing bar. 3 options to choose from. Absolutely brilliant idea from the minds at Hingenuity! Buy yours direct from Cabidor or at major retailers. Genius storage solution!

3. World's Sexiest Activity Tracker

Misfit Shine is the hottest activity tracker to date! Multiple ways to accessorize and wear: watch band, clasp or necklace. Super cool interactive download with your iPhone app. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. Get fit with Misfit!

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