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    Everything We Know About "Raising Kanan" Season 2 So Far

    The story of Kanan gets deeper.

    Add Power: Book III Raising Kanan to the list of successful spinoffs in the ever-expanding Power Universe.

    Curtis Jackson ( 50 Cent) and Courtney Kemp
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    Working alongside creator Courtney A. Kemp and others, 50 Cent successfully contributed to the entertainment industry again when he helped introduce us to street smart business genius James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) aka "Ghost" in the hit show Power. His contribution didn't stop there. 50 Cent also played a pivotal role in the series as Kanan, the man who initially taught Ghost everything he knows about surviving in the streets and being successful at hustling drugs. 

    We know Kanan was Ghost's teacher, but who taught Kanan? Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 begins to answer this question by providing an insight into his backstory, narrated by 50 Cent himself.


    We know how Kanan's story ended in Power, now we get to see how it beganPower Book III: Raising Kanan, Season 1 gave us a huge insight into the life of young Kanan. With so many questions left unanswered at the end of a chilling Season 1 finale, there are a plethora of reasons to look forward to watching Season 2.

    So without further ado, here are 8 things we know about Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2:

    Hailey Kilgore (Jukebox) attends the "Power Book III: Raising Kanan" New York Premiere.
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    1. All The Main Characters Are Reprising Their Roles


    Patina Miller (Raquel), Hailey Kilgore (Jukebox), Mekai Curtis (Kanan), Joey Bada$$ (Unique), Omar Epps (Detective Howard), Antonio Ortiz (Famous),  Malcolm Mays (Lou Lou), Shanley Caswell (Detective Burke) and Toby Sanderman (Symphony) will all be returning to Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2

    2. We Get To Meet Jukebox's Mom, Kenya

    LeToya Luckett attends Starz Power III: Book Of Kanan Finale Party Hosted By Patina Miller & Joey Badass
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    The incredible LeToya Luckett is going to be in Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2. Signed on for a recurring role, she will be playing "Kenya," Jukebox's mom, and Marvin's ex.  Kenya's character is a talented singer who ended up leaving Jukebox and Marvin behind to pursue her music career in Los Angeles. Three years ago she moved back to Harlem, where she currently is heavily involved in church. Will Jukebox be forgiving and welcome her with open arms? We suspect Kenya will try to play a more parental role in Jukebox's life from here on out and if so, only time will tell how Jukebox feels about that. 

    3. Detective Howard Has A Decision To Make


    In Season 1 we witnessed Kanan shoot and attempt to kill Detective Howard under instruction from his mother. Not only is Kanan currently unaware Howard is his actual father, but it turns out that Howard survived the shooting. Sick with leukemia, the dying detective is now faced with a decision: Does he go along with Raquel's plan to frame Unique for the crime of shooting him? Or, does he turn in Kanan, who happens to be his only capable bone marrow donor and his biological son. Yikes...decisions, decisions.  

    4. Marvin Will Go To Anger Management


    Upon seeing the video of Jukebox and her girlfriend singing and finding pictures of the two girls being affectionate to each other, Marvin slams the TV to the floor. Jukebox then walks in and he nearly strangles her to death with his bare hands.  Marvin is known for losing his temper and it's his "ready-for-whatever" demeanor that actually makes him an asset to the family business. Only this time, he has gone too far, and most likely because of his altercation with Jukebox, Marvin will be attending anger management. 

    5. Krystal Joy Brown Will Be Playing "Renee Timmons," Marvin's Anger Management Therapist

    Krystal Joy Brown attends the Immersive Van Gogh Opening Night at Pier 36.
    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

    Another talented addition to the Raising Kanan family is Broadway actress Krystal Brown. She will be playing the role of "Renee Timmons," Marvin's anger management therapist. Renee's character is highly intelligent and able to hold her own with just about anyone so we can expect her to be very good at her job. She is the perfect candidate to possess the patience to successfully help a hothead like Marvin. Brown is signed on for a recurring role so we can expect huge things from her in the upcoming seasons.

    6. Raq Is The Villian Of The Show


    Although she paints the picture as if she has the best intentions for her family, it's become obvious that Raq only has the best intentions for herself. In Season 1, Raq tricked Kanan into unknowingly "killing" his own father, Detective Howard.  Raq has shown she can't be trusted and is willing to use anyone (including her family) in any way she deems necessary to keep herself on top. Expect Kanan and Raq to further bicker, and their strained relationship to be a main focal point of Season 2 as her true plans are further exposed.  

    7. Paulina Singer Will Play the Role "Zisa"

    Stella's Last Weekend Trailer on Prime Video

    We welcome with open arms another great addition to the Power Universe family. It is confirmed that Paulina Singer will be making her debut on Power Book III: Raising Kanan as Zisa. Talented and attractive, Zisa is a beautiful up-and-coming singer hoping to make a name for herself in the music industry. She is slated for a recurring role so we can also expect her to have some crucial moments in the series.

    8. Omar Dorsey Joins The Cast As Cartier Fareed

    Omar Dorsey attends the Netflix 2020 Golden Globes After Party
    Arnold Turner / Getty Images for Netflix

    Omar Dorsey will play the character Cartier "Duns" Fareed, an attractive, charming, and confident business owner who is looking to expand in D.C. and Baltimore. He's also interested in being involved in the art and music business so we may see him, Zisa, and Famous link up at some point. Dorsey is signed on for a recurring role so we can expect his character to make an impactful contribution to the outcome of events occurring on the show.  

    That's all folks! So are you excited about Raising Kanan Season 2? Who's your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!

    Malcolm Mays, Patina Miller, Mekai Curtis, Hailey Kilgore and London Brown attend Starz Power III: Book Of Kanan Finale Party
    Johnny Nunez / WireImage