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The 18 Perks Of Having A Gay Best Friend

It's pride month, so have some pride in your GBFF.

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1. He'll tell it like it is.

2. Hands you out a reality check.

3. Will not hold back on the fashion critique.

4. Appreciates your body.

5. Doesn't mind if you get changed in front of him.

6. Gives great advice.

7. Points you in the right direction.

8. Will be your memory bank.

9. Sync up with you.

10. Gives you your daily dose of sass.

11. Not to mention doles out good gifts.

12. Is clever with the nicknames.

13. Always has a plan.

14. Never misses an award show.

15. Will not hesitate to call.

16. Halts the drama.

17. Be there for you when things get scary.

18. And most importantly of all, will always love you.

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