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21 Things You Can Do On Your 21st Birthday That's Non-Drinking Related

Drinking can be dangerous. Here's a few fun and safe suggestions you can try on your big day!

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1. You can go horseback riding.

2. Or maybe boating.

3. How about a nice scenic bike ride?

4. You can re-connect with nature.

5. Try a trampoline!

6. How about rollerskating?

7. Hangout at a fireworks show!

8. Or even a cool day fishing!

9. Enjoy a wonderful day with your pet.

10. You can be a kid again!

11. Stay in and play your favorite video game!

12. You can challenge yourself.

13. You can try the latest Internet fad.

14. Go shopping!

15. You can ride the ride of your life.

16. You can chill in a hot tub.

17. You can enjoy a nice day at the pool.

18. You can have some fun with karaoke.

19. You can get a little wild and go dancing.

20. You can have a wonderful day with your significant other.

21. And finally, you can have a nice, quiet birthday with friends.

...On second thought, enjoy that pint on me.

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