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    • John1411

      Every single person I know who has ever watched The Killing raves about how good it is. I really don’t buy this low ratings nonsense. A really good TV program is expensive to make. And, with a few rare exceptions, there is a limit to what advertisers will pay even for a great show. At some point, even with a well made and popular TV show, there is a business decision to be made. I suppose they think it sounds better to say that ratings were down than to admit it was a cost-benefit decision and we decided that it was more profitable to make mediocre shows than spend all that money on making a really good program. And hey, the general public has proven that it will tune in week after week even for less than stellar tv. I guess when it comes down to it, we only have ourselves to blame. Until we learn to just turn the TV off when the shows are mediocre crap, they will keep spoon feeding it to us.

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